We’re Rebranding!

Our new name Is BARU!

Baru means ‘new’ in Indonesian and it represents a continuation of our Founder’s Indonesian-American story.

baru is building a brand new way for you to buy the items that light your passions, always personalized in the way you want them.

Empower people to create a home that fits their unique lifestyle.

With attention to functional design and swift distribution, quality-designed handmade craftsmanship can now meet your needs—fitting into your space, your time constraints, and your budget.
All DY furniture is customized for you using high quality, sustainable, and locally sourced material. It’s delivered assembled directly to your home within 2 weeks.

Download the DY app and start creating a home that tells YOUR STORY.

The inspiration for Dimensionally Yours began in 2015 when founder Tino Go needed a bookcase for a uniquely shaped corner of a room. The existing options were expensive, too large, or unaesthetic, or a combination of all three.

Entrepreneur and visionary, Tino Go launched the DY app that uses the latest smartphone software to help you choose, visualize, and customize your furnishings from the convenience of your home. When you use our app to change the shape and size of a piece for your needs, those computerized change instructions are sent directly to our team for input into advanced woodworking equipment. Streamlining our process for every customization saves you time and money. And since we produce your furniture at workshops in your region, we’ll deliver your order within two weeks.

If you have any questions about the furniture or how to order, call Tino at (888) 772-5333.