Ready, Set, Let’s Go!

Before we get started we just have a few things to say.

First, we’re glad you are here. Dimensionally Yours is very interested in supporting your local community, that’s why we are choosing custom woodworking shops right in your backyard to fulfill our orders. We are proud to announce that our first location is in the Chicago community.

If you live in Chicago, then you can order from Dimensionally Yours right now!

Just download below.  If you aren’t in Chicago, don’t worry, we’re frantically working with your local woodworking shop to bring Dimensionally yours to your local neighborhood.

Step 1 – Download Below:

Choose your smartphone provider and download the app.

Download IOS App

Step 2 – Download Template

Click on the “Download Template” button and print out the template. Then lay the template on the floor where you want your furniture to appear.

Download Template

Step 3 – Watch the Video

Watch this short 1-minute video on how to properly use the app.