Deck Out Your Entire Office with One App

Whether you’re looking to furnish a full commercial office or a quaint home workspace, with the DY app, you can design the ideal home office with perfectly sized pieces—all with a few clicks.

Seeking more space for your books and supplies? The Mobile 2 offers you options from a short bookcase for easy-to-reach reference materials, to a full-on room divider sized shelf (and no matter the size, it’s built to last, of course). One product line can offer endless design options.

From desks to bookcases, to office equipment storage, and free-standing countertops, with DY, you can outfit your office with high-finish, stylish, custom-sized, office furniture at a mid-range price. It’s delivered to the office fast, in a mere two weeks, and if there’s a component that doesn’t work in your office design, it can be refunded (with shipping paid for by DY), no questions asked.

Check out these three custom-sizable furniture lines that you scale simply (with the app) in various sizes to furnish your office with style, compatibility, and intention.

Go Boxy

The Mobile 1 product line is a finished box, with 2-inch-thick walls.  It’s refined on each side, so no matter how you place it, it’s professional. The mobile 1 is great for shelves, bookcases, office equipment stands, even for an ample-storage desk return. You decide the scale, and we create the box. A small and squat option is perfect for storing under your work desk if space is tight, or you can opt for a broader Mobile 1, ideal for a coffee table option in a common area, so co-workers have a gathering spot and their coffee cups have a resting place.

Seeking Shelf Space

Offices need storage space for books, binders, printers, and paper (amongst everything else), and the Mobile 2 has you covered. With a central fixed 1”-thick shelf, order a tall unit with adjustable shelves. The Mobile 2 can store your oversized printers and excess office tech easily. And you have the option to scale small or go big—you can even make one 4-feet-wide by 4-feet-deep if you need the storage. Seeking an office space divider? You can use the Mobile 2 to custom create a divider between work areas. Create storage and privacy at the same time!

Desk in all Dimensions

Whether your office space calls for a shorter desk, a taller desk, a standing desk, or a free-standing countertop or benches in the common area, the Parson’s table can be scalable to suit your design. The design dates back to 1920’s France but has since become an American classic. DY’s Parson’s tabletop and legs are all 3-inches thick, with impeccable construction and fit.

With the DY app, you’re the designer of your space, with limitless options in three office product lines—the Mobile 1, Mobile 2 and the Parson’s table. Once you choose the furniture, you move on to the materials and finishes. There’s Matte White for a modern office, golden oak for a more traditional style, or Ebony Maple for a striking, luxe look.  Open the app in your office space and start scaling a space you love to work in.