7 Ways to Up Your Small Space Design Game

Whether you’re buying or renting your first home or condo in Chicago’s Loop, or moving into an active adult community condo or townhome in the Gold Coast or Magnificent Mile, the need for thousands of square footage may not be in your sights, budget or as available Chicago real estate inventory. There’s a growing trend for young couples and retirees to flock to cities such as Chicago, where less space and more culture is a part of the appeal, and there’s the added bonus of reducing costs, upkeep and environmental impact.

But going smaller and living in a large cosmopolitan city like Chicago doesn’t have to mean sacrificing, it just means upping your smart design game. In Chicago, an older home, condo or rental apartment (e.g., pre-war building) can be filled with vintage character or updated accents, but can also present you with some furnishing challenges. You may not be able to squeeze your same sectional into your new multi-use living room/dining room area.

Don’t fret, we at Dimensionally Yours have figured out how to furnish your new space with furniture that fits in with your Chicago living lifestyle. After all, you’re seeking a space that feels calculated and creative, not cluttered.

Here are 7 things to consider when designing a perfectly proportional space for your new home, condo or rental in Chicago:

Get a lay of your land. Before furnishing your home, you’ll want to scan each room. Grab a pen and note the placement of the windows, doors and power outlets. When choosing the placement of your furniture, you want to be sure you don’t block these heavily used areas.

Have a vision. So often we find ourselves in retail stores feeling stuck and forced to live with clunky pre-fab options. Instead, dream up a bookshelf or end table that you actually want, and identify where you’d like it to live. Use painter’s tape to mark out the ideal dimensions on the floor. Take a step back to see if it scales right for the room.

Take out your measuring tape. Measure the space you’ve marked with tape. Channel your inner elementary education and remember you’ll want to measure the length by width by height. From there you can head to DY and select from the range of dimensions and number of shelves and stain options, or go the completely customizable route.

Go rustic. In a clean and contemporary room, wood can add warmth. With its rich tones and variety of finishes, you can cozy up to a more modern feeling home with the natural look of wood furniture. When selecting your furniture’s hardwood material, check out the 15 stains available on DY. From cherry to maple to oak, your furniture can feel light and natural or oaky and onyx.

Pop with color. It’s a common misconception that a small space looks larger when doused in a coat of white paint. Instead, pick a light or dark palette you love and trickle in fun accent colors throughout your space. Ask us about our special color option choices, so you can opt for one standout bookcase in bright celery, or an end table in gold.

Consider the kiddos. Little ones put their mouths on everything so it’s important to consider what your furniture is made from. Dimensionally Yours makes all of its furniture in the U.S. with durable, long-lasting materials, avoiding the worries that can arise from imported products.

Make the door decision. Dimensionally Yours’s DIGIT bookcase comes with optional doors to hide the mess of remotes and magazines, without losing all the visual space of seeing through to the wall. If you’re organized enough to do without with the doors and like the open look, go sans doors, but if you’re worried about the disarray, opt for doors. And if you’re a cat lover, there’s an incognito cat litter box storage option on one of the shelves, equipped with a charcoal air filtration kit.

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