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Home Owners

Your house is completely unique, and your furniture should be, too. Whether you call home a Chicago studio or a suburban stunner, there’s specific furniture you need to enrich the space.

Tables, bookshelves, and end tables are not one-size fits all. A farm table that feels right at home in a single-family dwelling may come across overpowering in a condo. Instead of compromising, or breaking the budget on completely custom work, try DY.

Hop on our app, insert your specs and style selections—finally, you can get exactly what you want for your specific space, simply.

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Interior designers

Let DY—customized furniture by size, material, and finish according to your décor requirements—be your first stop when designing a specific space for a client.

It’s not always easy to find furniture that fits, that feels like home—not cramped, not cluttered, not too small for the nooks. With the DY app, the furniture you select is just right for your clients.

You know their style and needs, and with the simple, well-designed nature of the pieces, you can add the bold, personalized pops with pillows, art and interesting antiques.

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City Residents

No matter how you cut it, there’s a high cost that comes along with big city living. Sure, there are the perks, but square footage usually isn’t one of them.

So, you’ll want to make sure your city abode looks and feels as large as possible. That comes down to furniture that fits and makes small spaces flow.

Embrace the DY smartphone app, design up, instead of out, with storage options like shelving, and take note of the fresh, light design options DY has to offer, these will make your space feel more open and roomy.

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Why Dimensionally Yours?

Finding the perfect-size furniture can be frustrating when scouring big box stores and websites. Enter DY, a customizable, design-savvy site that makes it simple for you to custom create furniture to the exact dimensions your space is seeking. With the click of a few buttons on our smartphone app, you can select the size, style, and finish of your furniture, and we’ll get it to your doorstep in two weeks.

Finally, the hunting for furniture that fits your space is over. You can have personalized pieces, crafted with high-quality materials and construction methods, directly from the manufacturer to you in days—customizable furniture, minus the headache, plus the perfect fit.

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pickeled crate parsons


This elegant table is made-to-measure for every customer. Choose any of our standard materials and colors, or contact us for special surfaces.
Materials are cut by computer-guided manufacturing facilities for an impeccable construction fit and finish. The table top and legs are 3-inches thick. Choose the table length, width, and height you need with our smartphone app. For robustness and reliability, the table is assembled at the factory.
Maximum table size is 90" x 45" and 42" tall. Chicago-region manufacturing and delivery in 2 weeks. Order your perfect-sized table or desk today.

No-questions-asked returns policy in our FAQ page.

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